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About US

Fresh Toys LLC is a USA based subsidiary of Fresh Toys International,
a global manufacturer and distributor of candies with toys.

Fresh Toys International was founded in 2009 by a group of professionals
with dozens of years of experience in toy design
and development, and chocolate and candy businesses. To date, the company primarily focused
its distribution in Western and Eastern Europe.

Our in-house toy design team comprises of over 20 young moms and dads,
who design products that their own kids would be proud of.
Fresh Toys’ collections are designed, lab tested and manufactured
in full compliance with the most stringent U.S. and international regulations,
standards and guidelines. The toys are accompanied by a small bag
of colorful strawberry, apple, mango and grape flavored gummy candies.

"As a child, I thoroughly enjoyed playing with a whole variety of small toys that my
parents bought for me. I played for hours on end and then stuffed my pockets with
these toys, so that they could be with me wherever I went.

Those little friends played a huge role in developing my creativity and imagination,
and in my made-up world they could interact in hundreds of different ways.
How else would it be possible for a small horse to be friend a huge roaring lion,
or for a tin soldier to go off on a journey with a rubber frog?

Many years have gone by, we grew up, and today, here at Fresh Toys,
we create unique small toys for our own kids. We believe that a child should
be in the center of every family and are helping to strengthen the bond between
parents and their children by developing funny and exciting toy concepts and stories
behind them. And a bit of fresh gummy candy is always a perfect complement
to our toys. 
The look and feel of our toys is inspired by the world around us,
by our kids’ faces, their dreams, and by our own childhood memories.
At the end of the day we want to make kids smile, and give a boost
to their imagination, goodheartedness and happiness!

Our ultimate mission is to provide affordable, safe, and fun novelty toys.
And that’s what we do".


Alex Polanski
Co-founder of Fresh Toys

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